Advertise puts mobile first. A product made and optimized for mobile usage, it offers a wide reach and continuos audience growth.

Native formats are integrated into the content and targeted contextually to add value to users.

Reach a technology- and entertainment-interested audience of heavy smartphone users who engage in video content: TV series, movies, football, other sports and social networks.

Product is a free and social TV guide, designed for mobile devices and is growing fast. It’s instant, inspiring, intelligent and easy to use.


A young audience, interested in entertainment and technology, with high engagement in the product.

We know our users very well and have relevant data about their behaviour. This allows us to effectively segment our campaigns.

Loved by the press and by users has been very well reviewed and received by the media: print, TV, radio and digital. In the App store we have a rating higher than 4.3.

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Let your brand be seen by a relevant audience via the newest and most effective formats. A powerful set of high-impact native units, combined with the intelligent use of the data hosted in our application, make a very powerful marketing platform: unique in the market and with a wide reach across the mobile world.

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